Jun. 2nd, 2011

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I've been freaking out.

I don't know why I should be freaking out about a family gathering. But I was so nervous I'll say something stupid. Or get drunk (this is silly as I actually do have some self control). Or embarras my dad and brother. I was freaking that my tickets wouldn't arrive in time. I started to freak out about taking the fucking tube. This is pathetic but they get so full and I always bump into people on the escalators and it's not like I think they're all going to explode but there's been a shitload of 7/7 stuff lately. It's all just fuelling my nerves. I normally don't take them and just walk and take pictures and soak up some atmosphere, like I did when I went to Surrey for that wedding last year, but I need to get from Kings Cross to Waterloo to be on a certain train to be picked up. I feel a damn site better now I've been to Oxfam, got a ton of stuff done, come home and done a good clean up and thrown a ton of rubbish away and opened the window and lit a joss stick and drunk a load of water. I think I'm getting the hang of this.

Note that despite all this freaking out I've been Exited actually and I would hate to not go hence the ticket thing. But they are here. And I got the cheapest new pair of shoes ever, courtesy of Oxfam, metallic purple ones to match my pretty 1950s party dress. I'm pretty much all ready to go!

So to celebrate, I'm doing a videospam of my top five fave songs with London in them. In reverse order.

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