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My comp has had some weird cockup. Basically we were listening to a Motorhead video on youtube and it turned itself off. When it got turned on it was back to factory settings. Turns out my photos were all okay, thank fuck. I have backed them up now. They were on D drive. A ton of stuff on C drive has gone. All my music, all my writing (fanfic and otherwise), all my saved AIM convos. I don't even know...

I've also been feeling bad about the fact that I feel I've messed up my life and I won't ever get anywhere. I'm a mess and I don't know where I'm going.

But I saw planes on their way to the air show! I saw the Vulcan! And a Spit! And they're so beautiful so so beautiful. I love planes, trains, bridges, feats of engineering, whatever. I don't really know jack shit about them but I love to look at them.

On another note Nikki Sixx posted a pic of himself on the toilet on his twitter. I just ... I have mixed feelings, I mean why would you do that but I'm not surprised. He is a massive attention whore. However between that and a terrible Guns and Roses fic I read last week I think the 80s Rock world is trying to kill me in some way. At least it's better than feeling like shit.
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