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I get paid soon and am going to have a new laptop, well new-old, a reconditioned one. I want a sewing machine and a ukelele and a better camera and an ipod and I can get all those things cheap due to offers/cash converters/the tech exchange place. I could do with some new (or new-old) clothes as well.

Yesterday I did some overtime at work, then went and did my food shopping. I had paid for stuff in Tesco, then noticed that the charity bookstall was back! You had to put the money in the box and I didnt have any change so I went up and bought one of those massive energy drinks, which I kind of needed anyway at that point, so I had something to put in the box and could get the books I wanted. One is a 50s housewivery manual put out to plug an electrical products company, there's an Agatha Christie and I also got a John Creasy but it's a bit boring so I didnt take a pic.

How awesome is this cover! The dog and cat with the slipper made me giggle :P

Canapes to make when you have to have your husband's boss over for cocktails and have to be the Best Hostess Ever so he can get promoted (pointless frilly apron over cocktail dress and stilettos essential, plus you might get to show off your shiny new oven that the book persuaded you to ask hubby for!)

Technicolour chilled food to put in the Shiny New Fridge!

Remember if all your food isnt arranged in fancy shapes and garnished to hell you're a BAD HOUSEWIFE!

Then there was this :)

I thought Paul would like this (anything pschadelic seems to make him nearly come in his pants because he spent most of his youth tripping out and listening to Hawkwind) and he did. If this cover has anything whatsoever to do with the story I will be very surprised :)

Popping down to the Clangers in Waddo for an hour or so this afternoon, yay!


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