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Overall I enjoyed it I think. And this isn't a review as such, more a load of disjointed thoughts based on the notes I made in Lloyds Bar after coming out of the Odeon.

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To boil it down, I didn't sit there cringing and I didn't leave the cinema thinking HOW DARE THEY, but it wasn't perfect either. I felt the did a fairly good job seeing as most people in my experience don't even know what Green Lantern is. My non comic book reading boyfriend loved it, another comic fan I spoke to didn't enjoy it much and knew non comic readers who couldn't figure out what was going on and what his powers were. I've heard some very mixed things about it.

I also teared up a number of times but says nothing, considering I've been a blubbering mess watching the Casper The Friendly Ghost movie. And listening to music everyone thinks is cheesy. And reading comics. More times than I want to even want to think about. I think I was born with hyperactive tear ducts or something.
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I just had half a pizza and two mini Baileys (reduced in Tesco) for breakfast. Off to see Green Lantern now. Will write a full review. Paul predicts he will love it and I'll sit there picking holes. The rest of the pizza is in my bag to eat cold later.
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I can't believe I made these!

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I swear I'll makea proper post soon-ish with all the pictures of vintage busses I took at the weekend.


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