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Just shared these videos to my Facebook so I thought I'd stick them here too

(Contains archive footage of Blackshirts getting a kicking, which everybody enjoys!)

I didn't know about the Rebecca Riots before I found this song!
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My comp has had some weird cockup. Basically we were listening to a Motorhead video on youtube and it turned itself off. When it got turned on it was back to factory settings. Turns out my photos were all okay, thank fuck. I have backed them up now. They were on D drive. A ton of stuff on C drive has gone. All my music, all my writing (fanfic and otherwise), all my saved AIM convos. I don't even know...

I've also been feeling bad about the fact that I feel I've messed up my life and I won't ever get anywhere. I'm a mess and I don't know where I'm going.

But I saw planes on their way to the air show! I saw the Vulcan! And a Spit! And they're so beautiful so so beautiful. I love planes, trains, bridges, feats of engineering, whatever. I don't really know jack shit about them but I love to look at them.

On another note Nikki Sixx posted a pic of himself on the toilet on his twitter. I just ... I have mixed feelings, I mean why would you do that but I'm not surprised. He is a massive attention whore. However between that and a terrible Guns and Roses fic I read last week I think the 80s Rock world is trying to kill me in some way. At least it's better than feeling like shit.
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"Stupid American Gay Poof Metal"

Oh come on. Tell me what you really think! *eyeroll*
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I just realised Scum 1968 have a Jewish frontman, a Welsh dude and a girl drummer, does this remind you of anything WTF?

Also they look like them in some photos seriously. Heh.

The hell?

Jun. 7th, 2011 03:46 pm
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I've been going through my files and re-reading stuff I wrote as a teen, and this summary for a film script I was going to write came up, featuring characters called Marla and Juan. I remember nothing about this and I'm totally boggled:

Start on earth. Bar scene etc, lots of atmosphere.
Get into space, she turns into a control freak and they have some really massive fights.
He meets other girl, a secretary or something.
Sleeps with her
Marla tortures him- “the cross and the switchblade”
He goes with other girl, she goes to revolution
Meet up again, he tortures her- pink flares
They fight side by side and fall in love again
He gets the alien thing living in him(?)
It gets removed and she has to take it to a safe location
Sucseeds but ends up in trouble.
He goes to save her and ends up killing evil person
They win the revolution.
Celebration of some kind/happy ending.

Soundtrack songs-
Trash city- Transvision Vamp, the beginning
Song to the stars- Transvision Vamp
Dance the night away- Mavericks, him with other girl
Party Girls- Mink De Ville, background to dialogue
Sky- Sonique, sex scene after the fall in love again
Bat out of Hell – after bar scene, in the yard

I don't think the world lost out though me not writing this somehow! Anyone else want to share some of their teenage writing?

Oh and I didn't know at the time what the Sonique song was actually about...

OMG Nerves

Jun. 4th, 2011 05:53 am
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Off to Surrey in an hour or so! I have a busy week with two job interviews which is awesome, but I had a meltdown about not having done the washing yet. I have plenty of sodding time to get my clothes ready, and I've done a massive cleanup, I still started to feel so messy and gross like I live in a junkie squat or something! Then the dress I was going to wear today didn't fit like I'd have liked and I ended up having a massive crying jag on the phone to my mum, all about things I should be excited about ffs. It's partly that Paul has gout and a corn which needs to be removed and can hardly walk. He's in so much pain and has been signed off work for 10 days and is thinking about going to his parents for the week so he doesn't think about drinking or getting up and doing stuff. His mum is going to be mean to him. I had to put him together a package of books and food when I helped him home last night. He's so miserable and I might not see him for a week and I don't know where this leaves any of our normal activities or his work - it may have turned everything on its head!

Meanwhile, I wonder if anyone would like to see some old family photos? Ironically none of them are the side of the family I'm seeing, as my mum scanned and sent them. They're behind the cut.

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I'm currenty doing the donkey work for more latkes while Paul is in the pub. I'm brightening up my Eastern European drudgery by listening to Motley Crue because I found a sexy pic of Nikki Sixx online a while back. He is The Sex! Whoever said you have the face you deserve at 50 (was it Coco Chanel?) never looked at Nikki. UNF!


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