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Playing with my new camera

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Things I have got done:

*Made a move towards sorting out some relatoinship issues.
*Done a ton of work for Oxfam, 22 items ready to go online with nifty write-ups.
*Made myself a sexxy new wallpaper and a silly sexxy comic book manip thing.
*And now I'm going to blog

Here's some pics from the weekend but he warned a lot of them are pictures of busses :P

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Silly story: Paul and I were talking about if we got married and how fun it would be to do the reception at Barrow Hill and have everyone go up on vintage busses. Then I remembered that when I was a teen at college there was an ad for a company that hired old busses for weddings and I had this massive rant about how the only person who'd want that was some rich person who'd never had to take a bus anywhere regularly, like Marie Antionette dressing up as a milkmaid. You see at the time I had these hellish journeys too and from Plymouth five days a week, the morning ones it was hard to get a seat because they only ran a single decker, and the evening ones which were double deckers were damp with seats that smelt of mould and if it was raining the roof leaked and there was a big puddle in the aisle. And you'd always get some irritating random person perstering you. So busses were not my fave thing at the time. Fast forward 10-ish years....

Mind you I'd rather they had toilets and you could take booze on them...

My weekend

Jun. 7th, 2011 09:39 am
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Story and pictures and nerdery behind the cut.

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On Saturday it was the Best Beer Festival Ever, Barrow Hill!

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On Sunday we didn't have much money left, so we got all Domestic!

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I'm still sick (cold and cough now) but never mind. It can't last forever right?


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