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May. 11th, 2011 02:39 pm
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First post on DW. I hope the new username and icons will do something for my Blogging Fatigue.

I was on the university radio last week, talking about selling vintage clothing for Oxfam. I was really really nervous, I was terrified I'd fluff it or even worse make a freudian slip on air (though most of mine probably don't sound freudian without the conext of what's in my head to be honest) but it was fine. Apparently my voice managed not to sound squarky which was a relief. People up here keep asking if I'm from Essex. I'm not but I kind of sound like that recorded at times. My parents were listening online. I'm going to get a recording of it and hopefully upload it, I want to hear myself anyway.

Then the weekend got a bit weird. Saturday was fine, but Sunday I felt ill and couldn't manage my lunch and had to have a few hours sleep. Then I went to meet Paul and lost my lunch (which I'd just re-nuked in the mike and finished) into a plastic bag. I'd hardly had any booze and I can stomach it believe me. Monday I was okay again but Tuesday I had the shakes all day and my heart was going too fast. We went out and I thought I'd feel okay after that but ended up worse, felt panicky as hell, didn't fnish my drink, was sick when I got home, felt awful all night, sweating like something horrible and feeling sick and shaking and not able to sleep. I have been Off Colour all day though am feeling better having had sugary lemonade and a cupcake. It's so not like me to be ill like this!


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