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Overall I enjoyed it I think. And this isn't a review as such, more a load of disjointed thoughts based on the notes I made in Lloyds Bar after coming out of the Odeon.

First of all I really liked the casting. I was sure I was going to like Ryan anyway and I did :) He's not quite as hansome as comic Hal back when he was drawn by Ivan Reis but no man on earth is! He pulled it off well I thought. I was apprehensive abour Blake as Carol, due to the age thing (she and Hal are supposed to be the same age and were kids together, in current continuity anyway) but she was really good, and I like that we got to see Carol as a pilot too.

Parallax as villain. Erm, interesting choice? Also looked wrong. Parallax is a Giant Bug thing not a sort of skull with a cloud of tentacle-y looking things behind it.

Loved Hal's flat and would love a few dirty nights there with him ;) Ferris Air was also amazing inside and out. Pure Art Deco Architecture Porn!

Was dissapointed with the Hal's Father story. He lands the plane then it blows up, big deal. In current continuity he flew the plane away from the people and buildings when it started to go wrong so it wouldn't kill anyone. Hal keeps on having daddy issues about not being able to live up to him or something because he effectively sacrificed himself. I like that better. But I Adore reading about daddy and mummy issues anyway.

The bar scene was awesome - maybe it wouldn't be so hard to live in America after all, it was almost like some of the pubs we enjoy :) The use of the song Come Softly To Me completely made me melt! Then he was leaving in a huff because she was trying to get him to talk about feelings - sounds familiar. Thats my boyfriend and my dad all over.

Oa was amazing! The entire film was visually stunning but I was so impressed by the way the other lanterns like Tomar Re and Kilowog (whose name incidentally bothers the fuck out of me cos wog is a racist term here albeit a dated one - kill a wog? Why has nobody noticed this?! He's a good character though) looked exactly like in the comics!

Hal's crisis of faith seemed extremely forced and OOC to me. Hal's a cocky bastard, and deciding after one training session that he's not brave enough and feeling sorry for himself about it ... I know they're picking from years worth of continuity to try and put together something that makes sense but that was not my Hal.

The Parallax fight was fun and Carol was awesome with the missiles! And the scene where he gives Hector (oh yes I forgot to talk about Hector but he was good and sufficiently creepy and horrible) the ring knowing it won't work reminded me a lot of the pre Emerald Twilight run on GL for some reason. Once they got up to space though the whole thing seemed to fall a bit flat. I get that this is Hal's story and he's doing a Not Good Enough wankfest instead of being with the corps but I missed the camraderie of battle scenes in the comics. Hopefully we'll get some of that if they do a sequal.

Oh yeah sequal. The scene in the credits of Sinestro. Don't like the way they're doing Sinestro's downfall at all. He's a much more compelling character as the GL with the most orderly sector who turns out to have installed himself as dictator, is banished to the antimatter universe and gets a yellow ring made there. GL Sinestro deciding to play with Fear instead? Meh. His uniform looked damned good though.

To boil it down, I didn't sit there cringing and I didn't leave the cinema thinking HOW DARE THEY, but it wasn't perfect either. I felt the did a fairly good job seeing as most people in my experience don't even know what Green Lantern is. My non comic book reading boyfriend loved it, another comic fan I spoke to didn't enjoy it much and knew non comic readers who couldn't figure out what was going on and what his powers were. I've heard some very mixed things about it.

I also teared up a number of times but says nothing, considering I've been a blubbering mess watching the Casper The Friendly Ghost movie. And listening to music everyone thinks is cheesy. And reading comics. More times than I want to even want to think about. I think I was born with hyperactive tear ducts or something.
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