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Just shared these videos to my Facebook so I thought I'd stick them here too

(Contains archive footage of Blackshirts getting a kicking, which everybody enjoys!)

I didn't know about the Rebecca Riots before I found this song!
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I was inspired by this fairly awful Black Sabbath video from the Tony Iommi+three random people era, which features Tasha Yar from Star Trek TNG (well, her actress anyway)

Title: No Stranger To Love
Tony Iommi/OC

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RIP Vaclav Havel. It's not every day the world loses such a great man...
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Hello Dreamwidth

Basically I've been a mess for about the last three years and I'm currently doing things like investigating getting counceling and finding out how to start my own business. I briefly started using Tumblr a lot but I'm on a break now due to the number of annoying little snots who think they OWN their hobbies/favourite bands etc and that they're OMG Contraversial!!111 I'm sure I'll go back there but still.

I've been trying to deal with my anxiety issues and my generally shitty social skills and the stupid persecution complex I've had for a while. It's like one day you mix with interesting, creative people your own age and realise what a complete mess you are and it just clicks that it isn't rational.

I'm also starting some voluntary work I can do with Paul, which will be really nice. We're going to be updating a register of historic buildings at risk with their current status, new photos etc. I hope to learn a lot more about local architecture too and it'll look good on my CV.

I try and do something creative every day. Even if it's just a bit of shitty writing here and there or playing with photoshop, I figure that's something:)
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Writers block: Are you afraid of the dark?

When was the last time you were frightened out of your wits? Spooky stories welcome!

I get panic attacks which are often scary as hell, like waking and feeling like I'm spinning round my room. Or feeling like something's lying on me and I can't move. Those are quite frightening. I get freaked out fairly easily.

I'm also a bugger for getting freaked out by watching/reading stuff. My scariest movies are Quatermass and the Pit and The Stone Tape. My sister and I think these would be the ultimate Halloween double bill!
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Story stuff

Warning sex and talk about penises!

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Playing with my new camera

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Well I;m sorry to be away so long but thanks to the long hours I've been putting in I now have a new laptop (well new-old, reconditioned one) and a new camera (new-old,cash converters). I haven't had time to play with them much yet but will now :) Also It's my birthday today. Yay!
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I get paid soon and am going to have a new laptop, well new-old, a reconditioned one. I want a sewing machine and a ukelele and a better camera and an ipod and I can get all those things cheap due to offers/cash converters/the tech exchange place. I could do with some new (or new-old) clothes as well.

Yesterday I did some overtime at work, then went and did my food shopping. I had paid for stuff in Tesco, then noticed that the charity bookstall was back! You had to put the money in the box and I didnt have any change so I went up and bought one of those massive energy drinks, which I kind of needed anyway at that point, so I had something to put in the box and could get the books I wanted. One is a 50s housewivery manual put out to plug an electrical products company, there's an Agatha Christie and I also got a John Creasy but it's a bit boring so I didnt take a pic.

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Popping down to the Clangers in Waddo for an hour or so this afternoon, yay!
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Has it really been nearly a frigging month since I posted? Updates as follows:

I have been very busy at work and tired cos it's a physical job.

Paul and I have been together three entire years as of yesterday! I love him even if he did accuse me of pleasuring myself with a cucumber while listening to Motley Crue.

We went to see Captain America and it was 57 FLAVOURS OF AWESOME!!!

I go to Grantham Beer Festival at the weekend :D

I am trying to move house. This place Blows.

I am thinking of going self-employed!

I also have a wadge of Malachi stuff to type up only it focuses more on the women in his life, Vivien, Thelma and his mother and her Mad Scientist new friend. I am so digging this universe!

Oh yeah I'm on Devientart now!

Picture update soon!
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I have Nikki Sixx's Heroin Diaries. They're ... eye opening to say the least! Bizzarely enough Paul wants to read them despite the Motley hate.

I'm doing that cleaning contract again this year, starting from Monday :)
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It looks like my files will be recoverable, thank hell, and I'm in the process of sorting it out. But for now, have a rubbishy little snippet I wrote this morning :)

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My comp has had some weird cockup. Basically we were listening to a Motorhead video on youtube and it turned itself off. When it got turned on it was back to factory settings. Turns out my photos were all okay, thank fuck. I have backed them up now. They were on D drive. A ton of stuff on C drive has gone. All my music, all my writing (fanfic and otherwise), all my saved AIM convos. I don't even know...

I've also been feeling bad about the fact that I feel I've messed up my life and I won't ever get anywhere. I'm a mess and I don't know where I'm going.

But I saw planes on their way to the air show! I saw the Vulcan! And a Spit! And they're so beautiful so so beautiful. I love planes, trains, bridges, feats of engineering, whatever. I don't really know jack shit about them but I love to look at them.

On another note Nikki Sixx posted a pic of himself on the toilet on his twitter. I just ... I have mixed feelings, I mean why would you do that but I'm not surprised. He is a massive attention whore. However between that and a terrible Guns and Roses fic I read last week I think the 80s Rock world is trying to kill me in some way. At least it's better than feeling like shit.
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Overall I enjoyed it I think. And this isn't a review as such, more a load of disjointed thoughts based on the notes I made in Lloyds Bar after coming out of the Odeon.

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To boil it down, I didn't sit there cringing and I didn't leave the cinema thinking HOW DARE THEY, but it wasn't perfect either. I felt the did a fairly good job seeing as most people in my experience don't even know what Green Lantern is. My non comic book reading boyfriend loved it, another comic fan I spoke to didn't enjoy it much and knew non comic readers who couldn't figure out what was going on and what his powers were. I've heard some very mixed things about it.

I also teared up a number of times but says nothing, considering I've been a blubbering mess watching the Casper The Friendly Ghost movie. And listening to music everyone thinks is cheesy. And reading comics. More times than I want to even want to think about. I think I was born with hyperactive tear ducts or something.
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I just had half a pizza and two mini Baileys (reduced in Tesco) for breakfast. Off to see Green Lantern now. Will write a full review. Paul predicts he will love it and I'll sit there picking holes. The rest of the pizza is in my bag to eat cold later.
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Things I have got done:

*Made a move towards sorting out some relatoinship issues.
*Done a ton of work for Oxfam, 22 items ready to go online with nifty write-ups.
*Made myself a sexxy new wallpaper and a silly sexxy comic book manip thing.
*And now I'm going to blog

Here's some pics from the weekend but he warned a lot of them are pictures of busses :P

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Silly story: Paul and I were talking about if we got married and how fun it would be to do the reception at Barrow Hill and have everyone go up on vintage busses. Then I remembered that when I was a teen at college there was an ad for a company that hired old busses for weddings and I had this massive rant about how the only person who'd want that was some rich person who'd never had to take a bus anywhere regularly, like Marie Antionette dressing up as a milkmaid. You see at the time I had these hellish journeys too and from Plymouth five days a week, the morning ones it was hard to get a seat because they only ran a single decker, and the evening ones which were double deckers were damp with seats that smelt of mould and if it was raining the roof leaked and there was a big puddle in the aisle. And you'd always get some irritating random person perstering you. So busses were not my fave thing at the time. Fast forward 10-ish years....

Mind you I'd rather they had toilets and you could take booze on them...
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"Stupid American Gay Poof Metal"

Oh come on. Tell me what you really think! *eyeroll*
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I just realised Scum 1968 have a Jewish frontman, a Welsh dude and a girl drummer, does this remind you of anything WTF?

Also they look like them in some photos seriously. Heh.
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Imagine Diana looking like River Song when she first appeared in that black dress and you won't be far wrong!

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