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Playing with my new camera

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I get paid soon and am going to have a new laptop, well new-old, a reconditioned one. I want a sewing machine and a ukelele and a better camera and an ipod and I can get all those things cheap due to offers/cash converters/the tech exchange place. I could do with some new (or new-old) clothes as well.

Yesterday I did some overtime at work, then went and did my food shopping. I had paid for stuff in Tesco, then noticed that the charity bookstall was back! You had to put the money in the box and I didnt have any change so I went up and bought one of those massive energy drinks, which I kind of needed anyway at that point, so I had something to put in the box and could get the books I wanted. One is a 50s housewivery manual put out to plug an electrical products company, there's an Agatha Christie and I also got a John Creasy but it's a bit boring so I didnt take a pic.

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Popping down to the Clangers in Waddo for an hour or so this afternoon, yay!
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Things I have got done:

*Made a move towards sorting out some relatoinship issues.
*Done a ton of work for Oxfam, 22 items ready to go online with nifty write-ups.
*Made myself a sexxy new wallpaper and a silly sexxy comic book manip thing.
*And now I'm going to blog

Here's some pics from the weekend but he warned a lot of them are pictures of busses :P

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Silly story: Paul and I were talking about if we got married and how fun it would be to do the reception at Barrow Hill and have everyone go up on vintage busses. Then I remembered that when I was a teen at college there was an ad for a company that hired old busses for weddings and I had this massive rant about how the only person who'd want that was some rich person who'd never had to take a bus anywhere regularly, like Marie Antionette dressing up as a milkmaid. You see at the time I had these hellish journeys too and from Plymouth five days a week, the morning ones it was hard to get a seat because they only ran a single decker, and the evening ones which were double deckers were damp with seats that smelt of mould and if it was raining the roof leaked and there was a big puddle in the aisle. And you'd always get some irritating random person perstering you. So busses were not my fave thing at the time. Fast forward 10-ish years....

Mind you I'd rather they had toilets and you could take booze on them...
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I can't believe I made these!

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I swear I'll makea proper post soon-ish with all the pictures of vintage busses I took at the weekend.

My weekend

Jun. 7th, 2011 09:39 am
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Story and pictures and nerdery behind the cut.

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OMG Nerves

Jun. 4th, 2011 05:53 am
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Off to Surrey in an hour or so! I have a busy week with two job interviews which is awesome, but I had a meltdown about not having done the washing yet. I have plenty of sodding time to get my clothes ready, and I've done a massive cleanup, I still started to feel so messy and gross like I live in a junkie squat or something! Then the dress I was going to wear today didn't fit like I'd have liked and I ended up having a massive crying jag on the phone to my mum, all about things I should be excited about ffs. It's partly that Paul has gout and a corn which needs to be removed and can hardly walk. He's in so much pain and has been signed off work for 10 days and is thinking about going to his parents for the week so he doesn't think about drinking or getting up and doing stuff. His mum is going to be mean to him. I had to put him together a package of books and food when I helped him home last night. He's so miserable and I might not see him for a week and I don't know where this leaves any of our normal activities or his work - it may have turned everything on its head!

Meanwhile, I wonder if anyone would like to see some old family photos? Ironically none of them are the side of the family I'm seeing, as my mum scanned and sent them. They're behind the cut.

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On Saturday it was the Best Beer Festival Ever, Barrow Hill!

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On Sunday we didn't have much money left, so we got all Domestic!

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I'm still sick (cold and cough now) but never mind. It can't last forever right?


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