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Jun. 7th, 2011 03:46 pm
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I've been going through my files and re-reading stuff I wrote as a teen, and this summary for a film script I was going to write came up, featuring characters called Marla and Juan. I remember nothing about this and I'm totally boggled:

Start on earth. Bar scene etc, lots of atmosphere.
Get into space, she turns into a control freak and they have some really massive fights.
He meets other girl, a secretary or something.
Sleeps with her
Marla tortures him- “the cross and the switchblade”
He goes with other girl, she goes to revolution
Meet up again, he tortures her- pink flares
They fight side by side and fall in love again
He gets the alien thing living in him(?)
It gets removed and she has to take it to a safe location
Sucseeds but ends up in trouble.
He goes to save her and ends up killing evil person
They win the revolution.
Celebration of some kind/happy ending.

Soundtrack songs-
Trash city- Transvision Vamp, the beginning
Song to the stars- Transvision Vamp
Dance the night away- Mavericks, him with other girl
Party Girls- Mink De Ville, background to dialogue
Sky- Sonique, sex scene after the fall in love again
Bat out of Hell – after bar scene, in the yard

I don't think the world lost out though me not writing this somehow! Anyone else want to share some of their teenage writing?

Oh and I didn't know at the time what the Sonique song was actually about...


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